Kleefeld – Klangfeld

Mollin+Voegelin have recently been awarded the commission to design and realise a site-specific work for a new replacement build of a primary school in Bern Kleefeld, Switzerland.

For this ‘Kunst und Bau’/ ‘Art and Architecture’ commission, rather than producing sculptural objects to be placed within the new build, Mollin+Voegelin are working with the mobile and invisible dimension of sound to bring a different awareness to the site and the architecture, and to make audible the temporary and passing nature of place: how it is inhabited and used by the local community, a very multicultural and mainly immigrant and refugee neighbourhood.

The regeneration of urban areas necessarily involves the removal of the old. This

entails the removal of visible buildings and elements, but it also includes the

removal of the invisible traces built up over the years through the living

experience of local residents within those buildings.

A lived-in sense of the environment will have developed its own subliminal timbre, a lived-in texture, which will be removed by an imposed new form upon the local populace.

The engagement with the building through its sound and the making of sound within it and on its site will provide a sense of authorship, and gives the community a stake in the process of their own regeneration while also facilitating ownership and participation.

Mollin+Voegelin have conceptualised a technological infrastructure and will curate a programme of sonic interventions that enables the exploration and transformation of the superstructure of the environment, understood as the architectural, technological and ideological construction of the site, through sound and sonic activities.

The project will activate, intervene in and expand the physical architecture through artist led community based sonic interventions: accentuating, and adding interactions with the sound of the building, its users and its environs, in order to bring the invisible elements - voices, music, everyday sounds, the recess bell, cars, planes, birds, church bells, etc., - that create the social identity and influence notions belonging into play, and allow the neighbourhood to add their own voice to its design.


Sound Art as Public Art: commissioned by the Kunstkredit Kommission Bern and the Hochbau Amt der Stadt Bern to produce a site-specific work for the new rebuild of a Primary School in Kleefeld, Bern, Switzerland, December 2016 (CHF175’000)

The project will involve interventions by Gilles Aubrey, AGF Antye Greie aka poemproducer, Rahel Kraft, Jan Schacher and Cathy von Eck