In 2012, Thomas Gardner and Salomé Voegelin hosted a colloquium, entitled Music - Sound Art: Historical Continuum and Mimetic Fissures, at the London College of Communication, University of the Arts London. This colloquium dealt with the current fervent debate concerning the relationship between sound art and music.

The participants were: Simon Emmerson, Allen S. Weiss, Cathy Lane, Volkmar Klien, Leigh Landy, Claudia Molitor, Aura Satz, Angus Carlyle, Nye Parry, John Wynne, Peter Cusack, John Drever, Robert Worby, Michael Young, Anna Gritz, David Toop, Kathy Hinde, Seth Ayyez, Stephen Preston, Ed Baxter, Justin Yang, Helen Frosi, Max Eastley and Salomé Voegelin and Thomas Gardner.

This book proposes the opening of the colloquium to a wider readership through the publication of a decisive range of the material that defined the event. This includes the pre-prepared 'provocations' that initiated the three parts of the proceedings; transcriptions of the debates as they ensued on the day, documenting the challenging, rich and at times argumentative discussion that ensued; and six responses produced after the event to reflect on the transcribed material and respond to specific points elaborated on the day.